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Monday, October 29, 2012

wow! amazing!

Another amazing photo from


These are ships waiting to be broken up for scrap at the Gadani ship-breaking yard in Pakistan. 

From Wikipedia - "Ships to be broken up are run aground on the beach under their own power, then gradually dismantled. As the weight of the ship lessens, it is dragged further onto the beach until completely scrapped."

boiling mud

The diva's challenge this week (here) is to create a tangle using Bunzo. After some playing around, it looked like boiling mud.


Here's a picture of boiling mud at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Boiling Mud

And I've been confounded for the past few days with a stopped-up right ear. I was using an earwax removal kit from Meijer with only some slight relief. Today I started using drops of hydrogen peroxide. It seems to be breaking up the wax a bit better, with a bubbling - like the way that Yellowstone picture looks.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Story of Maynooth

Journal of Borderland Research

(Seizures in a dog are controlled by a homemade ELF device.)

Shortly after completing my first experiments, my neighbor’s dog began to have seizures. Maynooth was a one year old, 190 pound Irish Wolfhound. His seizures were occurring four to five times a week. A seizure by a 190 pound dog is not a small affair. He would thrash around wildly with no awareness of his surroundings. The seizures would last 10-30 minutes. My neighbors took Maynooth to the vet, who prescribed phenobarbital to control the seizures. The drug was not effective and Maynooth continued to have regular seizures.

After discussing Maynooth’s condition with my neighbor, we decided to try a portable ELF generator that Maynooth could wear to control his seizures. Seizures are accompanied by wild fluctuations in brain wave activity. We hypothesized that a portable ELF generator could control the seizures by stabilizing Maynooth’s brain waves. If we could get Maynooth’s brain to lock-on to an ELF frequency, we could in effect, eliminate the seizures.

I constructed a portable ELF generator about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The ELF generator was powered by a nine volt battery and had two frequencies, selectable by a toggle switch (10.0 Hz and 7.83 Hz). The 10 Hz frequency was chosen because previous experiments had shown that lock-on was more likely to occur at higher frequencies (i.e., closer to the prominent frequency of the brain). The 7.83 Hz frequency was chosen because it is the resonant frequency of the Earth and naturally occurring low intensity magnetic radiation can be detected at this frequency (Schumann, 1952).

The schematic for the portable ELF generator is illustrated. It is a twin-T oscillator followed by a high power 386 amplifier. The twin-T was chosen because of its high stability and low distortion sign wave. Construction is straight forward and the placement of parts is not critical. All parts are readily available. The two 10K frequency adjustment pots should be 10-20 turn trim pots to allow precise frequency adjustment. The 10K output level adjustment pot should be set so that the output feeding the coil is less that 100 milliwatts to comply with FCC regulations (I set Maynooth’s to 10 milliwatts). The coil itself is not critical and can be wound on any iron core. Use only an alkaline or nickel-cadmium battery.

Maynooth began wearing the generator in the spring of 1988. We tried the 10 Hz frequency first. The results of the experiment were astounding to say the least. Maynooth’s seizures stopped immediately when he began wearing the generator. Furthermore, Maynooth was able to completely stop taking the phenobarbital and the seizures have remained in remission. For the first three months, Maynooth wore the generator all the time in a cloth pouch from his collar. After that, the generator was only used at night and simply placed near his sleeping area.

Maynooth has had a total of three seizures following his first use of the generator. Two of these could be traced to malfunctions with the generator. The first was a broken wire from the battery connector and the second was a dead battery. The third seizure could not be explained by a hardware malfunction, although Maynooth was only using the generator during the night and the seizure occurred during the day. It should be noted, however, that this seizure was mild in comparison to his prior episodes.

Maynooth’s owners were so convinced of the efficacy of the ELF generator, that they asked me to make a spare generator in case the one they had broke. Maynooth’s vet (at the University of Minnesota) showed curiosity in the generator, but not enough to explore it further. They preferred to remain with a drug treatment, even though it had proven to be ineffective. Fortunately, Maynooth’s owners had more sense.

Maynooth still uses the ELF generator in his sleeping area at night. The rechargeable battery is charged during the day so it is fresh each night. (The battery lasts about 6-8 hours at a 10 milliwatt power setting).

Monday, October 22, 2012

What is a concept?

One word embodies a description of a hundred words and is sometimes even that which can't be precisely described (love, hate, good, evil). Its sum is greater than its parts. A concept takes on a weight and a reality of its own.

And yet, wthout language, does that concept even exist? Take away those words and does it have any meaning? Is a concept ever real?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

flickr and the airport code


On my flickr profile page there's a fill-in for airport code - for what purpose, I don't know - but the closest airport to me is Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport in Canton, Michigan. The airport code is 1D2.

Mettetal Airport Website

aerial view mettetal airport

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tugboats and

So, on the way to looking something up, I ran across some photos of the Costa Concordia turned on its side somewhere off the coast of Italy (January 2012). You probably already heard about that but I didn't because I don't watch TV news or listen to the radio or read the newspaper.



As I was collecting photos of the Costa Concordia to use as Windows backgrounds, I saw one of the photos was from a site called Since I like looking at ship pictures, I went there and discovered it was a great site for downloading more pics. You have to register to the site to look at the full screen pictures but it's a small price to pay.

And jackpot! There are many of my favorite - that scrappy, little, harbor worker - the tugboat.




Monday, October 8, 2012

columbine and tv news

It was after the Columbine shootings (April 1999) that I quit watching TV news. It was so pointless as a national news story. Yeah, I lived a couple blocks away from a high school but it wasn't that high school. So why was I watching? I had no connection with anyone or anything in Columbine.

I was sitting there watching it because it was on TV. And that was the only reason.

A few months before Columbine, I was beginning to see television news shows for what they were. Local news was alot of free advertising for events I didn't care about and the political talk shows I had loved watching were just about a whole lot of people guessing what might happen in the future. It was all so pointless. So why was I watching this crap? Because it was on TV.

Then Columbine happened. Endless video of people and vehicles outside a high school. No meaningful commentary. This was less exciting than the 1994 OJ Simpson Bronco car chase. And if you sat through that, it was hard to believe anything could be that dull ever again.

So yeah, I was done watching TV news.

I was reminded of this because I was googling the other day and saw something about how the Columbine shootings were not about a couple of geeks getting payback for all the taunting from the jocks and popular kids. It wasn't at all about the load of BS they were trying to sell everyone at the time.

So I stopped watching TV news way back then. But what have I actually missed?

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