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Friday, December 21, 2012

Woodbridge Historical District, Detroit, MI 48208

I was driving Grand River from Telegraph to downtown Detroit and I stopped to take some pics of the street art that is the Grand River Creative Corridor and because of a one-way street I took a couple turns and wound up in a beautiful old neighborhood.




After a little research I found this was the Woodbridge Historical District of Detroit. You can look up the exact boundaries but for now let's just say it's inside the triangle that is Grand River (M 5) - the Edsel Ford Freeway (US 94) - and John C. Lodge Freeway (M 10) but Woodbridge doesn't include the three corners.




This neighborhood is filled with Victorian three-story homes and only a couple miles from downtown Detroit. These houses show the wear and tear you'd expect in a four-season city. There's a real, lived-in look around here... and not a ranch house in sight!





I only had time for a few quick pics but I plan to come back, spend some time, explore, and get a bunch more.

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