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Friday, November 23, 2012

Detroit's Cooley High School - Part 1

September 4, 1928 - June 18, 2010

Cooley High School, 15055 Hubbell, is located at the corner of Chalfonte and Hubbell, just south of Fenkell (5 Mile) in Northwest Detroit. That's Calvary United Methodist Church on the other side of Hubbell facing Cooley.


The view from the north.


There's really no information about Cooley except the page from Wikipedia which is virtually the same as the pages from Mashpedia and Citizendia.


The school's architecture has been described as Mediterranean Revival but elsewhere it was said to be Spanish Revival or Moorish Revival.



Cooley High School was designed by the architectural firm of Donaldson and Meier, who were also the architects for the David Stott building, at the corner of Griswold and State, in downtown Detroit.

The view below is looking from across the street in front of the church.


Love the detail.

Years ago it was mentioned during a Red Wings game that Mike Ilitch, founder of Little Caesar's Pizza and owner of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers was a graduate of Cooley. The Wiki page said the same, and also that Ilitch played shortstop for the school baseball team.

Jimmy Hoffa's son James was also a graduate, so the Hoffas must have lived in the neighborhood.


Cooley High School will probably come down in the near future. On the way back from taking these photos, I drove by the rubble that used to be Redford High School on 6 Mile (McNichols) and Grand River.


I don't expect Cooley to be saved - it's inside a neighborhood that's at about the middle of its decline, though the area could come back if enough homeowners stick with it. 

Here's an interesting page mentioning Cooley High School from Detroit Transit History.

Detroit's Cooley High School - Part 2 has photos of the parking lot side and rear of the school.

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