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Friday, November 16, 2012

Places I used to live - Part 1

SDC12114aI lived here on Custer in Clawson, MI from the age of 1 to 7, then we moved to Detroit. During my first year, I was on a small farm somewhere in SE Michigan.

SDC12125aI lived in the upstairs apartment of this building on the corner of Main St. and Farnum in Royal Oak, MI for about 6 months or so in the late 1970s. Today there's a pet store below, back then it was a custom, picture frame shop. I don't remember if a photographer went along with it.

SDC12120And this apartment is about a mile north of the site of the 1991 fatal shootings at the Royal Oak, MI post office, the third of the postal shootings that led to the term - Going Postal. I used to do some bulk-mail drop off at this post office.

SDC12131aI lived here on the extreme Northwest side of Detroit on Wormer for a few years in the early 1980s. This house is in that small section of Detroit west of Telegraph where a lot of Detroit police and firefighters lived. Bounded on the south by Puritan, the west by Five Points, and the north by 8 Mile, it used to be a nice little neighborhood. And the beginning of the downward spiral for this area probably came in 1999 when the residency requirement was lifted for Detroit city workers. By 2011, more than half the police had moved beyond Detroit's city limits.

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