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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Driving The French Quarter

I started the morning of Day 5 of my trip south taking video around the Manchac exit then continued on I-55 to New Orleans. I wasn't sure where I was going for the rest of the day and I saw a sign for the French Quarter Visitor Center so I went there to get directions and information. I ended up driving around the French Quarter for an hour or so after and I took more video. Here's some vidcaps. In the video (at the bottom) you'll see...

lots of cop cars
FrenchQuarter vidcap 01

FrenchQuarter vidcap 08

a skateboarder with a goofy hat
FrenchQuarter vidcap 11

a guy taking a smoke break
FrenchQuarter vidcap 12

a tour group on those two-wheel segway scooters
FrenchQuarter vidcap 13

and a workman up in the air
FrenchQuarter vidcap 15

Here's the video while I drove the one-way streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana on the morning of Friday, January 18, 2013. You'll see workmen, delivery men supplying the shops, bars and restaurants, a couple of tour groups, many police cars and a few of the local characters.

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