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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Down the Mississippi Delta - Part 2

It was Day 4 (January 17) of my trip south from Detroit. I got up early as usual and processed the previous day's photos and tried to map where I would drive.

I had stayed the night in Grenada, Mississippi at the Econo Lodge and what a treat. I haven't written my review for Trip Advisor yet but I agree with the others who gave this place a top rating. And I had the pleasure of also being checked in by the friendly, Shmeeka, behind the front desk.

I said back on my description of Day 2 that for the trip "all I had planned was to take back roads and listen to local radio as I drove," which I had been doing for the most part. By the way, in Kentucky and Tennessee, it was mostly Country/Western (with no Western). But in northwestern Mississippi, the music was either christian and gospel or classic rock; as I drove further south, it was mostly classic rock.

I drove back MS 8 and turned south on US 49W. I still wanted to drive the Delta but as far as sightseeing goes, the Mississippi delta is boring, at least in January, unless you like miles and miles of flat, flooded farm land.

So when I hit Moorhead, Mississippi, I took a short drive around.

seeing a bright, green house

Anyone bother to string a level line on this before they put the rafters up?

Moorhead, Mississippi definitely has some leveling problems or everyone tilts to the left.

there were a few untilted houses too

I didn't do much driving or taking pictures on Day 4. But it was sunny for the first time since I left Detroit. So it was a nice day.

I stayed the night in Hammond, Louisiana but it was still early and with a couple hours more of light I got back on I-55 and drove through New Orleans.

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