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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Driving Louisiana I-55 South near the Manchac Exit

It's the morning of Day 5 of my trip from Detroit going south and finally it will be a sunny day. With a week or so off work I decided to go south and leave the overcast skies of Michigan for some sun.

I left Hammond, Louisiana early. The night before I had driven south down I-55 to scout some photo locations. First was from the Manchac Swamp Bridge near the Manchac exit and the only exit off this 22 mile bridge.

Here are three screen captures. And the video is below.
I-55 South vidcap1
I-55 South vidcap3
I-55 South vidcap2

The view out the window as I drive I-55 South in Louisiana near the Manchac exit. Music is from KLRZ 100.3 FM, the Rajun' Cajun. And you can listen online. The best time is from 6 am to 10 am Central time, Monday through Friday for the Hot Sauce Express show.

Looking back, I probably should have gotten off at the Manchac exit and driven along Old US 51 that parallels the bridge. And that's the problem with driving through. You only have one chance to capture a location.

Anyway, on to New Orleans.

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