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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Along US 62 in Kentucky

This was Day 2 (January 15) of my trip heading south from Detroit. I didn't know how long I would be gone or how far south I would get. Maybe Gulfport, Mississippi: I was in the US Navy Seabees, homeported there in the early to mid-1970's so that might be a destination. Honestly, all I had planned was to take back roads and listen to local radio as I drove. But anxious to get south, I spent the first day speeding through Ohio and north Kentucky till I got past Louisville. It was getting dark by then so I spent the night at a Motel 6 in Shepherdsville.

So it's Day 2 and here's some of the sights along US 62 in Kentucky going from I-65 and Elizabethtown to US 41 and Nortonville.

It wasn't easy either to take pictures along this road. There was no shoulder so I had to turn around alot then find places to park or shoot quick and roll on. But I was trying to go slow and rubberneck so I had to wave around the cars behind me or pull off when I could and let them go past. No one seemed upset about it though (must have seen my Michigan plate).

I pulled over here because of this little house (above) but realized it was probably a craft shack used by the house next to it to sell antiques or something homemade and was probably filled with storage of whatever they were selling.

But it's obvious why I pulled over for this guy (below). I don't recall this being a working business but it wasn't abandoned either.

A rusted railway bridge.

This black barn was way up a steep hill at a driveway I used as a turn around.

This was (probably) another craft shack on US 62. A house was next to it.

This train car is a display at a little park along US 62. I saw others like this on my drive.

A house along the road.

Trailers loaded with logs.

One of many antique stops along the way.

An abandoned school. Lots of this where I come from.

Here's a freshly painted building. It used to be a gas station but there were no pumps in front so it's probably being converted to something else.

Somewhere ahead is US 41 where I'll turn and drive south to Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

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