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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Along US 70 West in Tennessee

It's still Day 3 of my trip south and  it's still morning in Tennessee. I'm now traveling west on US 70, going from Dickson to Huntington. It hasn't warmed up at all from the previous night of freezing rain which hit western Tennessee; the storm even dropped some snow in northern Mississippi.

The day before I had driven through Kentucky and couldn't really find anything I thought was Kentuckian. Most everything looked like something I might see in rural Michigan.

But this home and property seemed like Tennessee to me. 

Still cold, about 20 or so degrees as I recall. See the drips of ice?

And an out building for power equipment, tools and such.

Here's a small house I liked.

The Dixie Radiator Service in Waverly, Tennessee

This trailer was across US 70 from some railroad tracks.


I like house trailers so I pulled over to take a look. Because of the location it may have once been used as an office or a work area of some kind. I like the built-on in the front. Anyway, now it's just some junk storage for someone.


This is from the Broadway Street/US 70 bridge going over the Tennessee River just west of New Johnsonville, Tennessee.



I was plenty nervous up there. It was cold, windy and that railing was low, probably only about 3 foot high. I was parked on the side (the shoulder was wide) and taking pictures while trucks rolled by. I didn't get too close to that edge.


The rusty superstructure is for the train tracks below.


And Bogle Motors in Bruceton, Tennessee caught my eye as I drove by.




The lady who was there to open up the place pulled on the lot in her pickup and we waved to each other as I drove out. If it was a few minutes earlier we might of had a nice chat but I'd been on the road for awhile and I wanted to hit Huntingdon where I was going to turn south towards Mississippi.

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